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The 1924 Bordeaux Cottage has been moved!!
We anticipate that in the next two weeks the pilings will be set and the building will be lowered to its proper height, about 9 feet, giving us enough room under the cottage to have a classroom, demo area and storage space.

Saving an historic building РThe 1924 Ewing- Bordeaux Cottage, located at 405 N. Lumina Avenue, along with its neighbor, the Williams-Bordeaux, are the oldest fully-intact structures  north of Stone Street. They are the last two of six cottages that survived the Great Fire of 1934. Currently the greatest threat to historic cottages is the steady rise in property values and demand for development. Moving the Ewing- Bordeaux Cottage will save a rare example of local Wrightsville Beach architecture of which only a handful remain and transition it into a public building to be enjoyed on a much wider scale.

Growing the museum .Not only does moving the Ewing-Bordeaux cottage allow the Wrightsville Beach Museum to preserve this special building, but it also makes it possible for the Museum to expand its programs, exhibits and other services to the community. The cottage will allow our growing project, the Waterman Hall of Fame, to have a permanent home to celebrate water sports and professions that are so important to our community and celebrate those who make positive contributions to our way of life. This is an exciting time in the life of the museum as this cottage allows us to grow. Outdoor teaching spaces, indoor experiential learning resources.

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