About Us

“I’m so glad I came to the museum. I had no idea that this beach had so much history.”

“I grew up on stories my parents and grandparents told of dancing at Lumina. I love seeing the model and imagining what it was like with the big hotels and the trolley.”

“These are great pictures of the old beach. I didn’t realize how much it has changed. Were there really no cars out here?”

“Why did they get rid of the trolleys and showing movies in the surf?”


Wrightsville Beach is unique and if our visitors don’t know it when they walk in, they do when they walk out. Our mission is to tell the story of Wrightsville Beach through the years and across a range of experiences. We tell the stories of the pure joy of children playing in the surf, teenagers at the piers, nights at Lumina, as well as the struggles between progress and remaining true to the spirit of our past. We link the past to the present, valuing both.


Martha Ellen Fishing Trip

The community of Wrightsville Beach and Harbor Island are integral to the museum’s reason for being. Our annual events such as Lumina Daze, Waterman Hall of Fame, Jingle Bell 5K Run and Walk, Camp Chris Stone, our art days, free monthly children’s programs and varied exhibits and presentations work toward celebrating and nurturing this very special beach and the people who together make this place unique.

As we work to preserve and interpret the past we strive to network within the community to address common concerns and work on mutually beneficial projects.

sea turtle program 7.9.2015

Come visit the museum – open all year, 6 days a week, and with free admission – and explore our past. Attend our events and participate in the Wrightsville Beach community as we show you why National Geographic has called us one of the “Last Best American Beach Towns” and  a top 20 “Best Surf Towns.”