Collections Assessment Program (CAP)

The Wrightsville Beach Museum of History has been awarded a Collections Assessment Program (CAP) grant through the Institute of Library and Museum Services and Heritage Preservation, two national non-profit organizations dedicated to preserving our national cultural heritage through museum conservation.
Through a collections report and a historic buildings report, CAP will provide the museum a general conservation assessment of the museum’s collection, environmental conditions, and site. The two assessors will spend two days on-site and three days each writing a report. The building assessor will assess the building as a historic structure and the collections assessor will assess the collections. The reports will look at the conditions of the building and collections, set priorities for our future planning, and describe professional best practices to achieve these goals. The museum sees the reports as a tremendous help as the museum develops strategies for improved collections care and as we work on long-range planning and fund-raising.

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Congratulations Blockade Runner!

Congratulations to The Blockade Runner for winning “FAVORITE TREE” at the WB Museum’s Winter Wonderland Holiday Bazaar!  Coming in at a very