We had the best Shrimperoo in Wrightsville Beach!

Look for our new 2020 DATE!!


On June 22th, 2019 at 6:30-9pm at Mott’s Channel Seafood we gathered for fun, friends, and most importantly: shrimp.

Tickets were $45 pre-sale and $55 the night of.

There are a limited number of tickets that can be sold! Don’t procrastinate! Buy your tickets now!!

The Wrightsville Beach Museum of History is in the midst of a major expansion with restoration of the 1924 Bordeaux Cottage and new programming we have initiated for this new space.

Rhesa Stone completed her funding goal to name the Exploration Room in the 1924 Bordeaux Cottage for her husband, Chris. She has accomplished this through contributions from  friends, colleagues, family and those associated with Camp Chris Stone. Come celebrate this effort!

 We celebrated this accomplishment and to kick off Phase 3 to prepare new exhibits and infrastructure for our programs and demonstrations.

Wright Holman was on the museum’s Board of Directors, instrumental in moving and restoring the current museum building, the 1909 Myers Cottage, and an invaluable resource throughout the years. He and Walt Lackey cooked the shrimp for the Shrimperoo and Walt and his sons continue this tradition. Join us for the Best Shrimperoo at Wrightsville Beach and take sneak peek tours of the new building in progress.