Get Your Own Little Piece of Causeway Café

Whether you’re a local or a regular visitor to Wrightsville Beach, odds are you’ve eaten at Causeway Café. The Wrightsville Beach icon closed in 2018 after 30 years as a locals’ favorite. The Café’s owner, Dave Monaghan passed away in April 2020. He was a big part of Wrightsville Beach and a big fan of Wrightsville Beach Museum. One of the ways his wife Penny wanted to honor her husband was to help the museum. She donated a fun “Causeway Café Package” to be used for a raffle fundraiser honoring Dave.

The raffle winner gets:

A Little Piece of Causeway Café

  • 1 gray Causeway Café T-Shirt, Size Adult L
  • 1 white Causeway Café T-Shirt, Size Adult L
  • 1 white Causeway Café T-Shirt, Size Adult M
  • 1 khaki, with embroidered stitching, vintage washed Causeway Café Cap
  • 1 “Authentic from the Café” red CocaCola Tumbler
  • 1 “Authentic from the Café” white coffee mug
  • 2 Causeway Café Cookbooks & Memories Booklets

Tickets are $10 per entry. The winning ticket will be drawn on December 11.

Ticket sales benefit Wrightsville Beach Museum of History.


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