Lemonade on the Porch

2019 Lemonade on the Porch
Where we celebrate the community of Wrightsville Beach!

For more than 20 years Wrightsville Beach Museum has been telling the story of this special community. Our wrap-around porch, nearly half of the building’s footprint, with its rocking chairs and welcoming ambience, has become a symbol of this tradition. In 2016 we began a new tradition by providing free lemonade and cookies on the porch from Memorial Day to Labor Day, sponsored by local businesses and individuals.  It has been a great success.
Our 2019 summer of Lemonade on the Porch continues this celebration of the rich traditions of Wrightsville Beach. Announcing sponsors soon!

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Congratulations Blockade Runner!

Congratulations to The Blockade Runner for winning “FAVORITE TREE” at the WB Museum’s Winter Wonderland Holiday Bazaar!  Coming in at a very